Use the DfE Find service, to look for providers from Tuesday 3rd October 2023.

Use the Post Code RG20 6AD to search

Use the DfE Apply service to submit your application from Tuesday 10th October 2023

There is plenty of advice on the Applications section of the OTT SCITT website

Although, we are open from October until early June – PE, history and primary and some other subjects may be full before June.

The sooner you apply, the sooner you will secure your place as places are offered on a rolling basis through the recruitment cycle. 

Make sure you prepare well first, take your time to do it well!

Interested in more information about how to apply form the DFE Get into Teaching team? Click on this link.


There are further FAQs on teacher training available here.

For more information about our training placements you can also contact us through our website or the OTT SCITT website or call Mandy Alexander on 01635 270096.

Further Information

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