You can find full details of the OTT SCITT Curriculum here.

As a trainee teacher with us, you will be based in one our schools in the West Berkshire Hub of the OTT SCITT and they will consider you as part of their teaching team for the year.

The main source of your support and training in school will be your mentor, who is trained in our policies, procedures and practices. Dedicated members of the OTT SCITT team – the Downland Alliance Director, the individual school ITT coordinators are also at the end of a phone or e-mail in case of any questions or issues that may arise during your training. 

Training sessions are held in our West Berkshire Hub secondary schools and in some primary schools – we ensure that you never have too far to travel to a study location. Some sessions are held online. You have plenty of opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and study with other trainees from different schools, or the same key stage or subject as you and this is also a great source of information and help.

So there is plenty of support to ensure your success in what will be a challenging, demanding but ultimately fulfilling and exciting year as a trainee teacher!

Your training will be carefully planned, monitored and focused on various aspects of teaching and learning and the teaching profession in general.

  • The schools are excellent, nurturing, supportive environments.
  • Trainee

You can search for information on the OTT SCITT courses available here.


There are further FAQs on teacher training available here.

For more information about our training placements you can also contact us through our website or the OTT SCITT website or call Mandy Alexander on 01635 270096.

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