Depth of learning is the key measure of progress in the new National Curriculum. The government is proposing end of key stage assessments that judge pupils’ mastery of the curriculum. This means teaching and provision needs to help pupils to deeply understand curriculum content.

This one-day workshop will help you to:

· understand the nature of progress in the new National Curriculum

· understand the type of questions to ask and activities to prepare to help pupils to master the curriculum

· frame questions and activities for deeper understanding

· explore examples of mastery level questions and activities across the curriculum

· explore the place of fluency and reasoning in reaching a mastery level in mathematics

· understand which aspects of each subject best promote mastery

· understand the difference between application and mastery of a concept

· use coaching as a teaching method for deep learning.

You will leave the day with:

· a clear understanding of depth and mastery

· a huge array of examples of questions that promote mastery in all National Curriculum subjects

· an understanding of mastery in every curriculum area

· methods of teaching for mastery

· an understanding of how to differentiate for depth and mastery

· ways to encourage deeper thinking in all National Curriculum subjects.



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